Creating a Vantage Point for Success

Looking at the organization from a project execution viewpoint, the B360 Approach utilizes iterative product delivery methods and techniques – including Agile and Scrum – to deliver project results as quickly as possible without compromising quality.

Focused on 4 Key Areas


  • Improve project delivery capabilities through people, processes and tools
  • Establish project teams and internal communication methods
  • Implement a decision-making structure

Operational Readiness

  • Establish an effective delivery approach, workflow, risk tolerance, tools and technologies, etc.
  • Create accountability and define roles and responsibilities
  • Implement controls, procedures and artifacts to establish project framework and deliver products

Constraints & Risks

  • Identify organizational and team constraints
  • Set delivery schedules and time constraint impacts
  • Determine resource allocations and resource constraint impacts
  • Create the project budget and budget constraint impacts

Opportunities & Threats

  • Establish desired business and IT risks, priorities, complexities and opportunities

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