It’s simple: we make projects successful – no matter how challenging or what stage the project is in. Even with the best laid project plans and teams in place, planning and executing complex and challenging technology projects can be tricky.

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Lead by Curtis J. Browne, Browne Consulting Group (BROWNe) has developed an industry-leading reputation for ensuring project delivery success, building long-term trusted client relationships and bringing a 360-degree, objective viewpoint.

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About Curtis J. Browne

Browne Consulting Group was founded by Curtis J. Browne in 1995. For over 20 years, Curtis has been providing management consulting and deployment solutions to top global Fortune 2000 companies, startups and mid-caps. Known across the industry as a competitive, persuasive and innovative project management professional, Curtis has a unique ability to quickly identify client pain points, build consensus and deliver measurable results.

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Throughout his career Curtis has helped top companies successfully navigate their way through an array of challenging projects – from mergers and acquisitions, transformations and accelerated product releases to project kick offs and recoveries – creating organizational readiness and implementing operational efficiencies.